Honda Biography: 7 Honda Facts and Soichiro Honda

The honda biography starts from the childhood of the founder.

A long time ago, a child was born in Japan. Instead of playing with toy cars, unlike his peers, he dreamed that the car he produced was one day turning the records on the world race tracks.

honda biography
Honda Biography

Then one day, the dream of the Japanese child, which everyone regarded as impossible, came true. Maybe nobody knows his name, but many people carry his surname proudly in their vehicle. Who is this boy?

Soichiro Honda Biography

Soichiro Honda, the founder of the brand, from which seven to seventy of us all admire the driver’s seat! Soichiro Honda, who came to the world on November 17, 1906, said that Ford Model T, which he pursued in his childhood, was one of the most important inspiration for starting his company.

crazy soichiro-honda
Crazy Soichiro Honda

Namely, the oil of Ford Model T has dripped on the ground and Soichiro has been fascinated by the smell of the oil. After all, Soichiro, who started working as an apprentice in a car garage and owned numerous patents, was crazy yes; but only about work love and designs!

Honda, which entered the market by producing motorcycles in 1948, was able to make its name known in the sector in a short time. While strong and durable motorcycles received full marks from the consumer, the firm’s self-confidence has also been fulfilled.

Thus, the childhood dream of Soichiro Honda was also started and the company took its step into the world of cars. Motorcycles and cars were later followed by designs such as planes and robots.

Soichiro Honda Quotes

Adopting as a principle to utilize all the possibilities of today in all kinds of vehicles designed by the company, the company is also the center of attention of car and engine lovers in the world.

The brand, which is very popular all over the world, enchants drivers with its durable vehicles and interesting style. One of the most important reasons for their vehicles is that you can find the comfort offered by expensive brands and cheaper prices in this brand.

Here is the story of Honda facts with its successful and unforgettable history!

1. Honda Bikes: The best selling Honda tool of all time

most selling honda
Most Selling Honda

Yes, the best selling of Honda is a bike. Since 1958, when the production of Honda Cub started, over 60 million units were sold and this made Honda, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. This figure; It is known that Ford Model T, Volkswagen Beetle, and Toyota Corolla exceed the total sales figures. In addition, the production of Honda Cub is still ongoing and approximately 5 million Cubs are sold each year.

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Honda Biography: Honda Bicycles

world's largest motorbike producer
World’s Largest Motorbike Producer

Like many companies, Honda didn’t start out with making cars. Soichiro, a bicycle manufacturer in 1946, designed 50 cc engines to be used as a generator in portable radios in World War II.

After all, Soichiro used these engines on their bikes. In 1948, with the engine bearing Honda signature, the vehicle called Model-A was introduced. By 1964, Honda had managed to become the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

2. Honda’s first four-wheel vehicles

honda first car
Honda First Car

After Honda became a motorcycle giant, it was time to step into the automobile industry. The company was founded in 1962; 3 models named S360, S500, T360 have been unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.

While the sporty S360 and the S500 were uncovered, the T360 was a downsized business truck. The one with the largest engine among these 3 vehicles is specified as the S500 model you can see in the picture.

3. Honda Rock Band: Surf rock band named The Hondelles

honda surf rock band
Honda Surf Rock Band

Honda motorcycles managed to become popular all over the world, including America, in the 1960s. Even four young people from Los Angeles, California named the surf rock band they founded as The Hondelles.

Hondalles’ debut track has had great success with Little Honda and has risen to the top of America’s music charts. Written with inspiration from Honda branded motorcycles, Little Honda is signed by Beach Boys, members of Brian Wilson and Mike Love. These names then voiced a different version of Little Honda themselves.

4. The first Japanese team to join Formula 1!

first japan team in formula 1
First Japan Team in Formula 1

Soichiro wanted to enter the world of racing and as a result of his work with Lotus, he joined Formula 1 in 1961 with RA271, which he designed both the body and the engine. Honda achieved its first victory with R272, which was attended by the Mexican Grand Prix next year, used by Ritchie Ginther.

5. The largest manufacturer of “internal combustion engines”

Largest internal combustion engine manufacturer
Largest internal combustion engine manufacturer

Honda’s engines are not only for cars but also for boats, motorcycles, scooters, lawnmowers, portable generators, water pumps etc. We can say that he designed an internal combustion engine for all. This proves the fact that the company produces around 14 million internal combustion engines each year.

Honda Biography: Honda’s VTEC technology

Honda's VTEC technology
Honda’s VTEC technology

Although the expansion of VTEC is Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control, it should be noted that this is not very important besides the function of the engine.

Honda used VTEC technology for the first time in 1989 in Honda Integra XSi and after that date, many auto manufacturers from Toyota to Porche started to use Honda technology.

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NSXs that rival German and Italian vehicles!

Honda NSX

Honda first launched NSX, which it designed as a competitor to German and Italian vehicles, in 1999 and these vehicles were sold as Acura NSX in North America.

With this design, Honda broke new ground with its light aluminum body, 250 horsepower VTEC V6 mid-engine. The highly acclaimed vehicle was as fast as the Ferrari 348 and as expensive as the Porsche 911. On the other hand, let us notify the news that the production of the Honda NSX, which was discontinued in 2005, was resumed.

Hydrogen-powered Honda FCX Clarity

Hydrogen powered Honda FCX Clarity
Hydrogen powered Honda FCX Clarity

You have definitely heard of Honda’s FCX Clarity, which runs on hydrogen and exhausts only water vapor. In 2008, in some parts of Southern California, Japan and Europe, a new version of the car, which is offered to customers by leasing, is expected to be released by 2018.

So why is this tool not sold? According to the information we obtained, an FXC production amounted to about 1 million dollars. Which can be shown as a sufficient reason.

Honda Biography and Indy 500!

honda and indy 500
Honda and Indy 500

Did you know that Honda was the only engine supplier in Indy 500 between 2006 and 2011? Let us remind that; 2006 was recorded as the first year without a single-engine malfunction in vehicles, and Honda continued this success until 2011. Because he didn’t need to power up his engines like Honda, Toyota, and Chevrolet until they hit the blast.

6. Fastest Honda: The fastest vehicle of Honda

Honda Plane

The fastest vehicle of Honda
The fastest vehicle of Honda: Honda Plane

Did you know that Honda’s fastest vehicle is as fast as Bugatti Veyron and more expensive than Veyron? This vehicle appears as the HA-420 HondaJet worth $ 3.65 million. This private jet of Honda can speed up to 780 km per hour.

7. Honda Robot: Honda’s human-like robot design

Honda's human-like robot
Honda’s human-like robot

Honda design ASIMO with a length of 130 cm and a weight of 54 kg; It is a humanoid robot that can walk, climb stairs, act as an aid for the disabled or the elderly. You will remember that ASIMO danced with American President Barack Obama and played football.

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