Who is the Owner of Tesla?

Many people ask these two questions nowadays “Who is the owner of Tesla?” or “Who owns Tesla Motors?”

The answer is  “Elon Musk”  who is very popular especially because of his futuristic ideas about Mars and space. If you did not hear this name before, you can find the interesting ways of Elon Musk below.

Who is the owner of Tesla Motors?

The name of the Tesla car company is Tesla Motors. The founder of “Tesla Motors” is not Elon Musk but he invested in this company a few years after the foundation. Eric Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning

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, two engineers are the founders of this company (2003).

But Elon Musk invested (2004) in this company very soon after the foundation and became CEO of Tesla Motors.

Who owns Tesla Motors, Elon Musk?

Who is the owner of Tesla
Who is the owner of Tesla – Elon Musk

Carrying people to Mars

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, electric cars, solarium-tiled roofs, fast travel in a friction-free environment, seeking solutions to traffic jams with underground tunnels. Elon Musk is the common point of all of these extraordinary projects, which is possible to take place separately but what makes the job interesting is the common point.

The life story of businessman Elon Musk, who has often come to the fore with perhaps the most unusual initiatives and investments of recent years, is as unusual as the subjects he is interested in …

Elon Musk Companies

elon musk spacex
Elon Musk Companies

First money Elon Musk earned in his life was the game software he developed at the age of 12 and for $ 500. But the first real company and the good money he earned was X.com and Paypal in 1999. It was 2002 when he sold Paypal for $1,5 B and his share was about 180 M dollars.

elon musk hyperloop

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