Tesla Net Worth 2020 Passed Volkswagen and Became…..

Tesla Net Worth 2020 Passed Volkswagen and Tesla Motors Became The Second Most Valuable Car Company

The market value of Tesla, the American electric car manufacturer, Tesla net worth 2020 has exceeded $ 100 billion. This means that Tesla company net worth has left Volkswagen, one of the largest in the world, behind! Japanese automotive giant Toyota’s market value or net worth is $ 230 billion.

The brand, which was established in 2003, is expected to sell 2-3 million cars in 2025. If this is the case, Tesla will be the most winning car manufacturer 5 years from now! Tesla net worth 2019 was less than $100 B.

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Tesla Net Worth 2020 – Model 3

Tesla is a very young company

Tesla, which is a very young brand compared to its competitors, was founded in 2003. However, the high value-added cars produced by the company, technological equipment, and marketing efforts support them to be the most valuable car company in the market. Tesla’s net worth 2020 value rose 5.9 percent last Wednesday and 31 percent in 2019.

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With these increases, one Tesla share became $ 579.51, while the market value of the brand increased to $ 104.5 billion. Thus, they left Volkswagen, one of the largest manufacturers in the world, behind. Volkswagen has a market value of $ 100 billion.

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Tesla Net Worth 2020 – Model 3

The Model 3 car, in which the American manufacturer accelerated its deliveries in the last quarter of the year, attracted great attention, especially in the European market. In addition, the fact that the Gigafactory opened in China started production and the deliveries of the manufactured cars also contributed positively to the increase in the company’s value.

Attracting attention with CyberTruck, which was introduced in 2019, Tesla started production of a Model Y crossover in its new factory. German giant Volkswagen, which is at the top of the world automotive industry, sold 10.97 million vehicles in 2019.

Tesla Net Worth 2020 – Cybertruck

In Tesla, this number is only 367 thousand 500. However, the market value of a company does not only indicate that it is good momentarily. The share values ​​of companies with a bright future can increase as Tesla is. It is assumed to increase about Tesla net worth 2020.

New Street Research analyst Pierre Ferragu said the company will deliver 2-3 million cars in 2025, making it the industry’s most profitable brand.

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