Bad News For Tesla Employees – Tesla Announced…

Bad news for Tesla employees on leave! Tesla Salary Cut is announced!

American electric car producer Tesla announced on Tuesday that its employees who are on leave due to the coronavirus epidemic will be cut off their salaries.

Tesla recently announced that the production and sales operations will return to normal on May 4. Valeria Capers, the brand who reported this to the company employees via e-mail, spoke to Workman Reuters.

Tesla Employees
Tesla Employees

The brand’s car factory in San Francisco and the solar panel factories in New York stopped working on 24 March. Then there was no statement from Tesla related to these issues.

The Coronavirus outbreak affects car demands in the US as well as in the world. It is also said that most companies force their employees to take leave.

Tesla Employees Salaries

Tesla Employees
Tesla Employees

Tesla announced via e-mail that he would pay his employees a low salary from April 13 to the second quarter of the year. In America, workers‘ wages will be low by 10 percent, managers by 20 percent and presidents by 30 percent.

In addition, employees who cannot work from home in the e-mail, are not assigned to critical duty at the factory, and therefore counted on leave, will remain at home until production continues for the health of their own and other people. Tesla has 10 thousand employees in its factory in America.

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