New Mercedes Maybach S Class 2020

mercedes benz maybach 2020
2021 Mercedes Maybach S Class

New Mercedes Maybach S Class introduced

Giving a new meaning to the definition of ‘luxury’, the new Mercedes Maybach S Class expands the interior living space with a wheelbase 18 cm longer than the long version of the S-Class. You can buy the car in two colors.

When viewed from the front, the chrome ornaments, the long engine hood with uniquely designed and the front grille stand out as characteristic elements. The chrome-plated vertical pillar radiator grille of the Mercedes Maybach S-Class contributes to the instant recognition of the car when viewed from a distance. The name MAYBACH is located in the chrome frame of the grille.

The rear doors are larger than other S-Series models; There is also a fixed triangular window in the C column. Again, the Maybach brand logo on the C pillar emphasizes the exclusive world. The Mercedes Maybach S Class can also be optionally equipped with electric rear doors. The Mercedes Maybach S Class can be further differentiated with the application of two colors.

Maybach Benz Maybach S Klass Interior
Maybach S Klass Interior

The new S-Class features the adaptive second-generation MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), introduced in 2018. MBUX differs in that it is networked with various vehicle systems and sensor data. Five bright screens, some with OLED technology, make it easy to control the vehicle’s comfort functions. With the new generation, customization and intuitive usage options become much more comprehensive.

The Mercedes Maybach S Class can optionally be equipped with the MBUX Interior Assistant at the rear. The MBUX Interior Assistant can also detect a large number of user requests. While doing this, the system assists in automatic vehicle functions by interpreting the user’s direction of view, hand movements and body language. The Mercedes Maybach S-Class can also record the gestures and movements of the rear passengers with the help of 3D laser cameras in the headliner.

Maybach S Klass Interior
Maybach S Klass Interior

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, the MBUX Interior Assistant activates the automatic seat belt extension function on the relevant side as soon as it detects the user’s intention to reach for the seat belt with a hand movement. In addition to all these, the new S-Series, which improves the function of the exit warning system, can also detect when the rear passenger wants to leave the vehicle and warns the user visually and audibly when it detects a dangerous situation.

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The Mercedes Maybach S Class uses partially electrically powered engines from the Mercedes-Benz portfolio. The electrical support is provided by a second-generation integrated starter generator (ISG). ISG provides power support up to 15 kW to the internal combustion engine while driving; supports the “glide” function during constant speed rides; It makes the start-stop feature more comfortable and the driving system is generally more efficient. All-wheel drive is standard on all versions.

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In the new S-Class, the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission has been further developed for integration with the ISG. The electromotor, power electronics, and transmission cooler have been moved into or above the transmission. Since an electric cooling compressor is used, the two-piece belt drive has been disabled with the ISG. In this way, even when the engine is not running (start-stop and glide function), the interior can be air-conditioned efficiently and comfortably.

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