Discontinued Cars: Which Models of Popular Car Brands Discontinued?

Cars are the most widely used technological products all over the world. As such, many car brands produce cars at various price ranges and offer them to users. Some car brands sell more cars and earn more income than other car brands. For this reason, the production of automobile models, which were launched with great hopes but did not reach the desired sales figure, is ceased and these cars are beginning to find a place in the dark pages of history. Below are some models of discontinued cars.

CITROEN Discontinued C6

CITROEN Discontinued C6
CITROEN Discontinued C6

As a brand that produces vehicles in the middle segment, the Citroen brand is a brand that makes users very satisfied and produces cars that are very successful in terms of price performance.

Unfortunately, the same was not true for the C6 model. For Citroen, which aims to start producing luxury vehicles with the C6 model, things did not go well, and the C6 model could not go beyond being a project abandoned by the company at the beginning of the road.

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The underlying reason is that the C6 model, which has a very high price, had approximately the same price as other luxury car models, and users preferred brands that were considered more luxurious than the C6 model.

Discontinued HONDA Models

Honda CR-Z

Honda Discontinued CR-Z
Honda Discontinued CR-Z

Honda brand, which is one of the most preferred car brands for daily use, has set a goal to produce more sportive vehicles in the coming years.

For this reason, Honda, which presented the CR-Z model to users, had difficulties in receiving positive criticism. The production of the vehicle was terminated because the driving of the vehicle was not very useful and it was inadequate in terms of comfort. It is not difficult to say that the sales figures are at very low levels.

CHEVROLET Discontinued Cars

Chevrolet VOLT

CHEVROLET Discontinued Volt

Another discontinued car is the Chevrolet Volt. In 2002, Chevrolet planned a major breakthrough and took on the electric car project that was not spoken at that time. Then he introduced his model named Volt.

However, when factors such as the insufficiency of the power stations in those years, the smallness of the vehicle and the concern about the safety features of the vehicle came together, the production of the Volt model became inevitable.

However, it should be noted that 2012 was a very early period for the electric car, and despite this, the Chevrolet brand took an extremely bold step, but it was not very successful.

VOLKSWAGEN Discontinued Models

Volkswagen PHAETON

VOLKSWAGEN Discontinued Phaeton

Volkswagen was the company that produced a mid-segment vehicle, and to get rid of this image, it turned to higher segment vehicle production. In this context, they aimed to enter the luxury vehicle market with the Phaeton model they released.

But there was something they didn’t consider user preferences. He also preferred other brands when it comes to users. The production of the Phaeton model, which was very unsuccessful in terms of sales figures, was discontinued. This meant that the brand was not yet able to cope with giant brands and would continue to produce mid-segment vehicles.

AUDİ TT discontinued

AUDİ TT discontinued
AUDİ TT discontinued

The Audi brand is extremely popular in the world and we can say that it produces vehicles as a middle-upper segment. The Audi brand, which can reach very high sales figures with the sports-series cars they released, introduced the TT model in 1999.

However, things did not go as expected for the company. The production of the TT model, which could not reach the intended sales figures, was one of the discontinued cars by Audi. The reason for this was that the vehicle could not reach the expected comfort and sales figures in return for high costs.

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