Czech Skoda Opens Crash Test Laboratory To …

Czech Skoda Opens Its Own Crash Test Laboratory To Increase The Security Standards

The Czech brand launched the crash test laboratory. The facility near Mladá Boleslav was designed to handle all known collision scenarios. Also, Euro NCAP tests, which have become mandatory since the beginning of 2020, can be simulated.

With its advanced camera technology and LED lighting systems, it is possible to record in high quality as well as its energy-saving structure.

The high-tech Crash Test Laboratory realistically and comprehensively simulates potential accidents, enabling the assessment of all passive safety features of all Skoda models.

Skoda Opens Crash Test Laboratory
Skoda Opens Crash Test Laboratory


The electric cars will be also tested in the lab that Skoda Opens Crash Test Laboratory. The testing capacity of the technological facility, which meets all the technical requirements of electric vehicle tests, will be further improved each year. In the new laboratory, which is two times larger than the previous test center, only the test area has a length of 180 meters.

At the heart of the laboratory is the electric drive system, which can drive up to 3.5 tons of two vehicles up to 65 km / h; this system can also speed up a single vehicle to 120 km / h. In addition to this, there are many types of equipment such as ultra-modern ‘Flying Base ‘test sled and static tumble simulator for testing side bumps.

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