Volkswagen China CEO Stephan Wöllenstein Said Sales in China….

Volkswagen China CEO Stephan Wöllenstein Said Sales in China….

The automotive-related good news continues to come from China, stating that it has survived the coronavirus epidemic and wounds are healed quickly. Many manufacturers have announced that they have started production again in the past weeks. Today, Volkswagen announced that sales began to recover after the Coronavirus outbreak. Volkswagen China CEO Stephan Wöllenstein: Sales in China are improving!

“We are cautiously optimistic that the effects of the Corona crisis will be over after 2-3 years,”

said Stephan Wöllenstein, VW China CEO, according to Reuters.

Volkswagen China CEO Stephan Woellenstein
VW China CEO Stephan Woellenstein

In a statement from Volkswagen, it was stated that the demands were limited and preparations were made to increase the capacities of the production factories in the country. Also, the Changsha and Urumqi Volkswagen plants are still closed.

Volkswagen China CEO Wöllenstein also stated that he expects sales of 250,000 units in February to be 1 million in March. In addition, Wöllenstein said, “There are dozens of signs that businesses and businesses are in a trend of recovery. We will continue to progress in line with our targets at the end of the year starting from the middle of the year. I’m hopeful of the Chinese automotive market. ” said.

Volkswagen China CEO Stephan Woellenstein
Volkswagen China CEO Stephan Wöllenstein

It is stated that the decrease in the Chinese automotive market in 2020 will be between 3 and 15 percent.

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