Toyota’s Production in China, The Recent News After Coronavirus

Toyota’s Production in China, The Recent News After Coronavirus

Toyota’s production in China is back to normal! Production returned to normal at Japanese automaker Toyota’s Guangzhou plant. The Chinese automotive industry, which has been having a hard time for the past 1 month, started to recover.

The second shift starts at the Toyota plant in the south of China. The first shift of the factory, where Camry and Yaris models were produced, started working earlier this month.

Toyota's production in China
Toyota’s production in China Plants

Production is back to normal in the two other factories of the brand in Jilin Province, Changchun and Sichuan Province, Chengdu. The factory in Tianjin continues to operate as a single shift.

It seems that the global producers’ problems with the production shortage in China will continue for a while. Although the Chinese government does its best to normalize things, it will take some time for the system to recover.

Toyota's production in China
Toyota China

Chinese Industry Minister Xin Guobin said that auto spare parts manufacturers in the Hubei region of China have returned to normal. In addition, Xin told reporters that the country’s industry ministry will monitor production in this region and ensure that the situation related to the supply chain will be more stable. Finally, Toyota’s production in China is expected to be better in the following days.

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