Tesla will build a new factory for Cybertruck: In Which Country?

Tesla will build a new factory for Cybertruck! Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is looking for a new factory location. They already have 4 factories in two countries.

Tesla, who downloaded his 1 millionth vehicle from the tapes, started to look for a new factory location for Cybertruck production. Electric car maker Tesla plans to establish a new production facility in the United States for the pickup model launched by Cybertruck.

Tesla will build a new factory
Tesla Cybertruck

The brand’s CEO Elon Musk shared on his social media account “We are looking for a place in the US for Cybertruck Gigafactory”

The new factory Tesla will set up in America will produce Cybertruck and Model Y, the brand’s new crossover model. Musk did not specify in which state they were looking for a place for this production in his social media account.

It is stated that the company, whose plant in China has been commissioned some time ago and is preparing to open a production facility in Berlin, the capital of Germany, will now open a new factory in its home country, USA.

According to the share of Tesla CEO Elon Musk from his social media account, the new factory, which is expected to host the brand’s electric pick-up model Cybertruck, maybe the production base of the Model Y, which will be introduced soon.

Tesla will build a new factory
Tesla Model Y

While it is announced that 100,000 orders have already been received for Cybertruck, which will go on sale in 2021, the brand’s announcement that it produced its 1 millionth car the other day strengthens the possibilities for the new factory. On the other hand, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently consulted his followers on his social media account to set up a new factory in Texas.

The new factory will be Tesla’s 6th factory. Tesla already has 4 factories. Three of them operate in the USA and one operates in Shanghai, China. 150 thousand Model 3s are produced only in Shanghai factory. With the market release of Model Y, the factory is expected to produce 250 thousand vehicles per year. Tesla will build a new factory and by the end of 2020, Tesla’s global production is expected to increase to 500 thousand units.

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