Tesla Net Worth 2019 Became $ 63 Billion Dollars and Tesla Motors now…

Tesla Net Worth 2019 Became $ 63 Billion Dollars and became the third most valuable car company…

The US-based electric car manufacturer Tesla has passed Daimler, which includes Mercedes on a market value basis and dates back to 1926. Tesla net worth 2019 became the third most valuable producer. Tesla company net worth in the world after Toyota and Volkswagen with a value of over 63 billion dollars.

Tesla founder Elon Musk made fun of Daimler’s $ 1 billion electric vehicle investment in recent months and announced the Gigafactory 4 investment in Germany, where the brand’s headquarters is located. Although the investment of Gigafactory 4 is not announced, it is estimated to be over $ 1 billion.

Tesla net worth increased after announcing that it will open a new factory in Germany, which has one of the most advanced automotive industries in the world, Tesla suddenly became the third most valuable automobile manufacturer in the world.

The market value of Tesla, which will compete with the world-famous German brands, has passed Daimler, with Gigafactory 4, which is announced to be opened in an area close to the airport in Berlin and will be supported by a design and engineering center in the city.

While the market value of Daimler, which includes brands such as Mercedes, Maybach, Smart, AMG, Freightliner, remained at $ 62.78 billion as of yesterday, Tesla net worth 2019 reached a market value of 63 billion dollars with the effect of the Berlin news. Tesla, founded by Elon Musk, is currently the third-highest market value car manufacturer in the world after Toyota and Volkswagen. The 10-year-old company has outperformed international giants such as Ford, BMW, General Motors, Honda and PSA.

tesla net worth 2019
Tesla net worth 2019

Tesla company will catch Totoya?

Although there is more than 3 times the difference with Toyota at the top,  Tesla motor’s net worth is expected to threaten the summit in parallel with the transition to electric in the automotive industry and the development of sustainable technology.

While the brands such as Mercedes, Toyota, and Volkswagen have come to the fore in a period when American automotive manufacturers are away from their old days, Tesla’s entry into the premium class at a relatively affordable cost and opening it to Europe after dominating the USA in many segments are also shown as a plus.

Tesla net worth 2019
Tesla net worth 2019

Despite Tesla’s Model S vehicle under $ 100,000, Porsche is trying to compete with the $ 151,000 Taycan. Although the price of Model S Plaid has not been announced yet, it was included in the US press, where it would sell its higher performance cheaper than its counterparts.

The sports vehicle Roadster, which Musk put on a Space X rocket and sent to Mars with the introduction, was to be sold at $ 200,000 for the 2020 model and the Founder’s Edition for $ 250,000 and is more suitable than giant brands such as Ferrari, whose base price is $ 350- $ 400,000 cost.

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