Legendary brand JEEP becomes a LEGO toy

Legendary brand JEEP becomes a LEGO toy

JEEP Wrangler Rubicon LEGO

Legendary brand JEEP becomes a LEGO toy

The first LEGO model of the Jeep brand was realized. In the cooperation of Jeep and LEGO Group; A 665-piece toy model of the Wrangler Rubicon was created.

Wrangler Rubicon’s LEGO Technic set includes details such as folding rear seats, opening doors and hood, spare tire and winch. Preparing to offer an exciting experience for Jeep and LEGO fans of all ages, Lego Wrangler’s steering and suspension system signals that the model can be tested on any surface with pleasure.

LEGO Technic Jeep Wrangler also draws attention with its eye-catching yellow and black color combination.

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