Fastest Car In The World 2020

Fastest Car In The World 2020

Do you want to learn the top fastest car in the world 2020?

People always wonder about the fastest electric cars in the world. The days when electric cars were slow and ugly, stayed in the past. Companies such as Tesla have proven to the world that electric cars can have an attractive design and first-class technology, successfully competing with their gasoline-diesel counterparts. Today we look at the Fastest Car In The World 2020 list.

Aston Martin Rapide E – top speed of 250 km / h

Fastest Car In The World 2020
Fastest Car In The World 2020: Aston Martin Rapide E

Aston Martin’s first all-electric car, the Rapide E, debuted at the Formula E championship in 2019. The machine is driven by two electric motors on the rear axle, with a total capacity of 610 hp, and can reach speeds from 0 to 100 km per hour in less than 4 seconds.

Aston Martin Rapide E is powered by an 800-volt electric battery enclosed in carbon fiber and Kevlar casing, with an installed capacity of 65 kW • h, and capable of covering a distance of more than 322 km on a single charge.

However, this model will not compete with Tesla, because the manufacturer plans to release only 150 copies of the car at a price of 330 thousand dollars.

Faraday Future FF 91 – 250 km / h

Fastest Car In The World 2020
Fastest Car In The World 2020: Faraday Future FF 91

This electric sedan can accelerate to 100 km per hour in just 2.39 seconds. It is based on an architecture with a variable platform, which houses several electric motors with a total capacity of 1050 hp.

In terms of battery capacity (130 kW), this sedan easily puts Tesla electric cars with their maximum 100 kW • h on the blades. On a single charge, the Faraday Future FF 91 can run 608 km.

Thanks to the “smart filling”, the electric sedan recognizes its owner on the way and greets with light signals. The roof of the car is panoramic, and all the windows, with the exception of the windshield, are electrochromic. Heated and cooled massage seats also provide adjustment of the lower leg, lower back, and upper back. Each seat is adjustable in 14 directions with 4-way lumbar support. The system can use face recognition, voice recognition, and a person’s weight to customize the seats, including setting the correct temperature and sound volume level. 

Despite the fact that the FF 91 debuted almost three years ago, it has not yet been put into production. While the manufacturer only fuels interest in his brainchild, releasing new images of the interior. But when the sales of the miracle machine begin, it is still unknown.

Lotus Evija – 322 km / h

fastest electric car
Fastest Car In The World 2020: Lotus Evija

We continue the fastest car in the world 2020 list with the name, British Lotus recently unveiled its new flagship, the Lotus Evija. This all-electric hypercar weighs just 1,680 kg and has a power of 1,972 horsepower thanks to four electric motors (one for each wheel). The car reaches a speed of 100 km per hour in just 3 seconds.

Lotus Evija has a mileage of 402 km, and the capacity of its lithium battery is 70 kW • h. It can be charged up to 80 percent from zero in just 12 minutes on 350 kW chargers, and a full charge takes only 18 minutes.

The circulation of the model worth 1.7 million pounds will be only 130 copies. The first customers will receive Lotus Evija in 2020.

Genovation GXE – 337 km / h

Fastest Car In The World 2020: Genovation GXE

Genovation Cars’ electric supercar is based on the C7 Corvette, but it has improved torque characteristics. The car was the first street-legal electric car to cross the threshold of 337 kilometers per hour.

The dual electric motor delivers infinite power of 800 horsepower and an incredible maximum torque of 949 N • m. The claimed battery capacity is 60 kW • h.

The circulation of the electric car will be limited to 75 copies, each of which will cost $ 750,000.

NIO EP9 – 350 km / h

Fastest Car In The World 2020: NIO EP9

Given the maximum speed and acceleration from 0 to 100 km per hour in 2.7 seconds, the NIO EP9 is one of the fastest electric vehicles in the world. It accommodates only two people and can take them to a distance of 426 km on a single charge.

Each of the EP9 wheels has its own engine and transmission. Each engine has a power of 335.25 horsepower, which gives the car a total power of 1341 hp. And the maximum torque is 1480 N • m.

The car is equipped with an active suspension, including a ride height control, which performs 200 calculations per second.

Six EP9s have already been sold to NIO investors for £ 2.5 million each. NIO announced that ten additional EP9s will be sold to the general public.

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