Elon Musk IQ

Elon Musk IQ has always been wondered by people.  The inventors, who changed the world and built the point where humanity reached today, are still part of our lives with their inventions, even after centuries. It is not possible to say that there is nothing to be invented when we come to the present day from the invention of steam machines that enabled the start of a brand new era for humanity.

Apart from the incredible scientific and technological developments, we are talking about unmanned machines and vehicles that will move into space today. Behind all this is an inventor and entrepreneur who marked the 21st century: Elon Musk. And people are interested in Elon Musk IQ.

Elon Musk’s IQ

The IQ of Elon Musk is discussed by many people. Of course, we don’t have a result of Elon Musk IQ test and Elon Musk IQ score, but we can make some suggestions if we analyze his education and companies.


If we start with his childhood; when he was 12 years old, he designs the game which he calls “a simple game but better than Flappy Bird” and calls it “Blastar” and earns his first money and steps into the technology sector by selling it to a computer magazine for $ 500 in 1983.

Intelligence Score Graph
Elon Musk IQ – Intelligence Score Graph

If we look at the Wechsler Intelligence Score graph, we can estimate Elon Musk’s IQ should be a minimum of 140.

Business Life

He made his fortune by establishing Paypal and selling it to eBay. He is now changing the world with electric cars and commercial space flights. Musk, now 49 years old, was only 24 years old, in pursuit of his passion for development, invention, and benefit to humanity in 1995. The companies he founded in 25 years are as follows.

Companies of Elon Musk

  • PayPal: in the area of ​​payment systems
  • SpaceX: space transportation company
  • Tesla Motors: producing electric vehicles and engine parts for these vehicles.
  • SolarCity: the company which aims to fulfill its needs from there by installing the solar energy system to homes, businesses, and governments
  • OpenAI: non-profit company, aims to conduct and develop artificial intelligence research that can help and be friendly to humanity
  • Boring Company Aims to reduce the traffic problem in California by digging tunnels from underground

Elon Musk Education

He became the owner of titles such as the presidency and founding partnership in these giant names of his sectors. In short, it is now the gifted child of the technology and science world of modern times.

Of course, when we look at the life of Elon Musk, it is possible to see that failures are not missing as much as success. However, he explains this with the following words, perhaps going to be scrapped in the future:

“If you have never failed, this means you are not innovative enough.”

Elon Musk has been chosen as the sexiest CEO of the world with his billions of dollars of wealth and vision that changed the world, and he is often compared to Iron Man, Tony Stark.

Finally, Elon Musk IQ level can be assumed in the range 140 – 155, which means he is in the first % 1-1,5 of the population.

Education of Elon Musk

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