15. Advertising Wars Between BMW and Mercedes Ads.


Even a Mercedes can bring driving pleasure, says the BMW ad!


In 2016 Mercedes congratulated BMW’s 100th anniversary in newspaper Mercedes ads, but the rivalry between Stuttgart and Munich car companies was not neglected – thanks to taunts.

Thank you for 100 years of competition. The previous 30 years were a bit boring.

Mercedes is proud of its pioneering role and happy to refer to BMW as a latecomer (BMW was founded in 1916).


BMW decided to make Halloween fun of rival Mercede-Benz, but they did not know their joke would backfire and burn!

The tweet reads: Now any car can dress up as its favorite superhero. @MercedesBenzUSA #HappyHalloween

Mercedes-Benz repeatedly hit back with a witty comeback: Nice one @BMWUSA. This is a really scary costume. Especially the grille.

The joke referred to giant kidney grille layouts BMW used for its new models.

The BMW ad showcases a photo taken inside a BMW car, with a Mercedes car visible in the side mirror. The ad reads “BMW, Always Ahead!” and emphasizes BMW’s commitment to staying ahead of the competition. The juxtaposition of the two luxury car brands in the same image emphasizes BMW’s confidence in its own superiority and ability to outpace its rival.


Mercedes-Benz takes you everywhere and anywhere. 

The Mercedes-Benz ad features a broken down BMW on the side of the road being towed by a truck, as seen from the perspective of a Mercedes driver. The ad slogan reads “Mercedes-Benz takes you everywhere and anywhere,” implying the superior reliability and durability of Mercedes-Benz cars over their competitors.

BMW posted a video on its official social media accounts thanking retired Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche for his inspiration and politely stating that BMW is better than Mercedes-Benz.

In the clip, a driver takes Dieter Zetsche home in an S-Class. As soon as he gets home, Zetsche goes into the garage and drives off again at the wheel of a BMW i8 Roaster.


Mercedes Benz replied to BMW on his social media from different business accounts.


It is an official ad poster designed for BMW by Italian Web Agency Bcube:

Feel Safe. BMW premium selection. The Best used cars selected by BMW, with full coverage included.


It is an unofficial prison themed ad poster designed by a Mercedes-Benz fan Mohsen:

Get Free. Join the real world.


Fans of German auto brands do not hesitate to create unofficial ad posters: Speed up to see us.


Mercedes ads strikes back: Behind every authentic brand, there is a more authentic one.